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JiangXi HengDing Food Co.,Ttd.
Preserve of indomitable spirit
  Jiang Xiheng top food co., LTD is located in jiangxi fengcheng city high-tech industrial park, the main rice and corn deep processing of coarse grains. Since the company founded in 2006, adhering to the \"perseverance, indomitable spirit\" spirit of enterprise, innovation, pioneering spirit, has become a more than 400 employees, covers an area of 200 mu, fixed assets of 150 million yuan of agricultural
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Address:No 2 Huideng Road,Fengcheng High-tech Industrial Park,Jiangxi Province
Telephone:0795-6242788 Fax:0795-6240988 Copy right:JiangXi HengDing Food Co.,Ttd Technical Support:HuaQiLiFang

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